The Barn at the Homestead

The Barn at the Homestead

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've been reflecting on what it is to be a welcoming community.  Many churches today speak of being welcoming, of hospitality.  What does it mean to be such a community?

A couple of weeks ago as I was making a pastoral call at our local hospital, I happened to have the radio on to NPR, and heard a piece that captured my attention.  It was on "Cowboy Church."  You may want to listen, too:

That same week, I received notice of an article posted by the Episcopal News Service (ENS) regarding biker/motorcycle blessings.  It may be found here:
I was interviewed via telephone for this article because in one of my previous parishes, I celebrated a biker mass and blessings.

What does it mean to be a welcoming community where you are?  How has a hospitality ministry made a difference to your faith community?

It saddens the heart to read that visitors received so little attention on a Sunday morning.  Not everyone is a member; some need a word of encouragement.  Be attentive; look for the stranger in your midst, and then, offer them the peace of Christ with signs and symbols of welcome.