The Barn at the Homestead

The Barn at the Homestead

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lent is coming . . .

The season of Lent, that 40 day period (minus Sundays, of course) before Easter, is upon us.  Ash Wednesday occurs this week.  Lent is a word that means Spring.  The days are growing longer, and soon spring planting will take place.  My man and I have been perusing seed catalogs and planning our first garden in our new place.

A few weeks ago, I stopped at a Thrift store while on a trip out of town.  I had finished listening to a book on tape and hoped to find something else for my road trip home.  I found a wonderful CD with the music of a cadre of amazing Irish female singers. One of the songs has become a favorite; "Solid Ground" by Dolores Keane. The chorus or refrain says:

It's the land-it is our wisdom
It's the land-it shines us through
It's the land-it feeds our children
It's the land-you cannot own the land
The land owns you

The land . . . during this season of Lent, I aim to be out in the land--planting and praying.