The Barn at the Homestead

The Barn at the Homestead

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dreams can come true

Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of owning goats.  My father always wanted a goat, so that may be the reason I found an interest in them.  And now, they are gracing my back yard--two mini-alpines--a brother and sister!  The little buckling soon to become a wether, and the little doeling we will breed later so that we can realize our dream of milking.  It's an adventure--and a learning curve.  So far so good!

I like the rhythm of the day -- feeding and watering (and one day milking) twice a day--it is like the rhythm of prayer in the Episcopal Church--Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.  I am grateful for the opportunity and the call to prayer.

Next,  we will choose a name for our little place--such serious thought.  Then on to planning for a few chickens and hopefully a worm composting adventure!  Life is good!

Thanks be to God!