The Barn at the Homestead

The Barn at the Homestead

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A month of Thanksgivings

November is a beautiful month in the deep south.  The leaves in our country setting have been quite lovely this year. Each morning I have delighted in looking out the bay window in our breakfast nook taking notice of the new colors--it appears as if God took up a paintbrush overnight and colored anew.  Bright golds, deep reds, majestic maroons--these take the place of the green that has flouished over the past several months.

In our liturgical year, we have been in a long green season, too.  Today it was interrupted by All Saints Sunday and the color white.  Church was filled with joy--a wonderful sermon by a college chaplain, I baptized our newest "Saint" and our beloved rector served pancakes as a part of our stewardship campaign this year.  Although the liturgical color was white, we were a multicolored assembly gathered together in thanksgiving for the communion of Saints! 

As I left the church today to drive back to the country, I made note of the leaves that continue to change and thought to myself that November lends itself not only to our annual American Thanksgiving, but it is a great month to give thanks each day!  As we live out the last days of "green" in the church and make ready for the season of Advent, may you give thanks for all God's many blessings in your life!