The Barn at the Homestead

The Barn at the Homestead

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Domestic LIfe

The latest issue of "The Christian Century" magazine published a cartoon that is a part of the New Yorker Collection (which can also be seen at that caused me to reflect on my life.  The cartoon is a depiction of the sacrifice of Isaac.  Abraham is holding the knife and with outstretched arms looking up to the heavens he says, "Must I sacrifice family for career?"  It's a good question to ask for all of us, but especially for those of us in ordained ministry.  And maybe more for women than men, but I know some male colleagues who also wrestle with this issue.

I recall several years ago listening to a female rabbi sharing her story, although I can no longer recall her name.  She talked about being at the Synagogue celebrating a holy day when she longed to be with her family--who was celebrating at home.  It is a dilemma.

The Domestic Life is still very important to me.  I find myself longing for simplicity; finding joy at home through many traditional things make a house a home.  How to combine the priestly lifestyle with the longing for simplicity?  Perhaps you are asking these same questions.

So, I'm creating a wish list--to help revive the Domestic Arts in my own life--a way to slow down and be with my family a little more often.  My wish list includes:
Dairy Goats
Building a back yard labyrinth
and time to sit in the porch swing with my beloved.
And time to also think about the Domestic Church (that's the subject for another time).

Create your own wish list.  And remember, as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz said, there's no place like home.