The Barn at the Homestead

The Barn at the Homestead

Friday, November 18, 2011

An Amish Outing

Having long admired the Amish, I have been pleased to learn of an Amish community not too far from our little country setting.  Today, my hubby and I made a trip for the day in search of "fried pies."  Sadly, we learned that Saturday is the day for Amish Fry Pies!  Ah--another trip soon.

The trip, however, was not in vain.  We had a marvelous visit with the most senior member of the Amish community around a wood fire in a small shop.  He poured out his heart to us, as his family was away visiting with relatives in another state.  It was a rare treat to sit and "chat;" the "senior Mr." lost his wife a little over two years ago.  He continues to miss his life's partner, and we, as strangers, felt much like family as he shared the joys and sorrows of his own life: the loss of his wife; a son moving away; a granddaughter getting married soon.  What a joy for this chance encounter.

Our day was made complete by finding saw mill; hubby has found a source for lumber for his wood-working ventures.  We met the soon bride to be and came home with sorghum molasses and fig preserves, and two loaves of homemade bread. 

In this season of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for this wonderful day and a chance encounter with such a seasoned Amishman.  Our day made me realize that Amish, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist and so on, are held together by some common bonds: our faith in God and our humanity.  How blessed I am!